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Woodland camera (3 images)

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Year 1 in the woods (96 images)

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5th December

Year 1 have had a brilliant learning experience in the woods, we have whizzed through exploration activities including looking at leaves, making shadow shapes, finding animal habitats and making clay creatures.  We have spent longer developing skills to read, draw and make simple maps, and created and completed an orienteering course.  We have learnt how to climb, swing and move around in the woods safely.  We also created some xmas tree decorations that we will be completing in class, by sawing discs of wood with the bow saw and using a hand drill to make holes in them.  We used the woodland camera to try and capture images of the animals that are in the woods when we are not there, and we also found a frog and a toad hibernating beneath our big bag...


Reception have had a busy three weeks in the woods exploring, They have got to know the space and learnt how to play adventurously whilst keeping themselves safe. We have climbed ladders, swung on swings, climbed ropes and built dens.

The children have had opportunities to be creative, making characters by peeling, knotting and modelling with clay.  We’ve played predator/ prey games, collected and studied objects in nature and looked for evidence of animals all around us.

We also watched how to light a camp fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on it in the last session!!!